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Quit Paris

Category: Science & Technology
Duration: 00:04:23
Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy on Climate and Vice Chair of ESG for Brookfield Asset Management, is once again threatening businesses that governments should 'force' them to comply on climate targets. Canada already has some ~600 laws, regulations and incentives layered on businesses (combined federal, provincial and municipal levels) to force them to comply on climate - how many more and how much more force does Mr. Carney think is required? It should be noted that Mr. Carney is not an elected official and is unaccountable to anyone, yet he makes these sweeping pronouncements that appear to breach the sovereign rule of nations. Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager of Friends of Science Society suggests that instead of listening to Mr. Carney, we should listen to the grassroots, common sense people, like those of Grassroots Alberta. They call for a responsible conversation on climate. And she also suggests we should Quit Paris. What do you think?
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