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Trump DESTABILIZED their entire operation

user image 2021-07-21
By: TalkingFreeNet
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It's no coincidence that 8 months after the Fraudlection, We The People through a citizen discovery have managed to get the swamp irritated and worried constantly about losing their election fraud machine.

You have to feel empathy for the Deep State Swamp, ya successfully steal an election, convince everyone everything was fine, and you've practiced this for decades so nothing could go wrong, this time you also have the ability to shutdown anyone talking about it online.

You also manage to gaslight anyone else that believes you did the crime by calling them Insurrectionists.  

Now you can finally go on vacation and control the GREATEST republic in the world.

But No,  8 months later, you're having to figure out why more and more people are starting to believe the election was a crime by you, this time it's not just data or opinions, these people are arming themselves with irrefutable facts.

They're uncovering your fraud system for the world to see, you're already calling all the people involved and telling them to stop allowing this discovery to happen... but they're legally bound by the constitution to allow all the discovery, while incriminating themselves daily by trying to disregard the discovery.

You don't know who's leading this charge because it's not just one person, it's ALL of the people you thought you neutralized through all the gaslighting.

So now you just have to sit and watch as justice draws nearer and nearer each day.

Trump DESTABILIZED their entire operation. Decades of planning, and billions of $ wasted. He made them go live while many aspects were not in place to support the narrative. They've had to expend way more ammo to prop their POWER GRAB up and keep it going as a result.


Countries that can't maintain the narrative through subtle means are being forced to shift to non-subtle means OUT OF SYNC with the tactics/lockdowns used in other nations. This is especially dangerous as the internet allows the citizens of one nation to see what is happening/coming AHEAD OF SCHEDULE in others.

Trump made the hardest decision of his life when he first backed them into a corner and made them desperate, and then surprised them by letting them steal the election... betting many of our lives and freedom on [GIVING US] A REAL CHANCE to EXPOSE and TAKE THEM DOWN. Legally & publicly.

Eyes on the Prize.  Let’s see what happens.

My faith is still in God. I still see HIS HAND at work.

@trumpisthebest88 (Twitter)

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